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"Why are your frames so large?"

"-I´ve always been attracted to unsual eyewear. I thought glasses were an interresting accessory, depending on the shape of your face. People would always ask me "Why are your frames so large?" And I would say "The bigger to see you!" -and that shut them up!"

-Iris Apfel, Eyewear fashion icon

”From Paris with love”

-StureOptikern visits Silmo 2017 with radio fashion voice Samanda Ekman.
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"Glasses - from necessary to accessorie"

"Eyeglasses are a large and growing market all over the world.
Not just because a large part of the population is getting older, and needs glasses to see better. There has also been a great deal of effort to improve the setting for glasses, from manufacturers.
Many fashion brands have in recent years invested in designing frames that match the fashion-to raise glasses as an important accessory."

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"Too see or not to see, is no longer the question."

"Today, when glasses are everywhere on humans of all ages, it may be worth remembering that there was a time when glasses were considered a bit shameful. Not least, they were regarded as an erotic killer, especially for women which gave the american author Dorothy Parker a line, 1925: "Men, seldom make passes at girl in glasses". Nowadays, glasses can be compared to lipstick or earrings, a decorative detail in the face that enhances a whole "outfit". This week's program take place in Paris, where last weekend there was a major international spectacle fair, "SILMO". It takes place once a year, and has about 1000 exhibitors and 45,000 visitors looking at glasses and frames from all over the world."